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Tethering and your tarrif heads up

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Mar 18, 2011
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I started this thread outside of Skulls excellent 'myth busting' so as not to detract from or confuse in Skulls fine works.

With my phone 24 month contract due up (having originally bought my IPhone4 on it) i contacted T-Mobile to get my monthly payments reduced.

Most if not all service providers will not automatically reduce your tariff after the 18 or 24 month tied-in contract period, which often like mine has been 'loaded' to pay for the more expensive handsets. I'm was on a business tariff £35.00 pcm, it is now a 1 year sim only contract reduced to £10 pcm an obvious considerable saving.

Providers will cary on happily charging you the full tariff for what effectively you have already paid for at the end if the initial agreed period, unless you ASK them! - so perhaps another 'PPI' type scenario for the future?

I'm with T-Mobie, i have had no problems with their coverage of their service, i would be very unlikely to move away to another (said to show i'm not griping :) ).

i spoke to the business rep about tethering prompted by Skulls thread.

While you can officially tether using your phone on T-Mobile, it will cost another £5 a month, £5 x12 = £60.00 PA.

my need of internet away from home is sporadic, there are times i need internet access to download manuals, sales info, drivers etc not always practical on the iPhone due to small screen size, so i needed some way to use on my iPad 2 and/or laptop.

i've gone for the T-Mobile USB dongle @ £29.99, this allows me to to use direct on my laptop, but i can also move the PAYG sim to put in my iPhone, and tether my iPad, i can buy internet as required on several different sized bolt-ons up to 30 days. It will mean a SIM adapter, but i am not tied to a monthly contract.

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