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Tesco Mobile Unveils Competitive iPhone 4 Tariffs


iPhoneForums.Net News Team
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Jun 18, 2010
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Tesco Mobile has today announced its iPhone 4 pricing, including a surprise 12-month tariff, Pocket Gamer reports. According to Pocket Gamer, the prices are slightly cheaper than those already announced by 02, Orange and Vodafone, with the iPhone 4 and a package including unlimited minutes and texts setting you back £19 on a £45-per-month, 24-month contract, which is £10 cheaper and better minutes value than Vodafone's £29-iPhone 4 plus 1200 minutes package on a £45-per-month, 24-month contract.

However, what makes Tesco Mobile an extremely competitive option is the fact that it's offering a 12-month contract, unlike any other carrier to date. For a £20-per-month, 12-month contract, you can expect to pay £349 for the 16GB model and £429 for the 32GB model, with 250 minutes and unlimited texts thrown in.

Tesco customers who have a Tesco Clubcard will also get an added bonus of a whopping 1000 extra Points for buying an iPhone 4 on contract, plus triple points for every pound spent on their monthly bill. PAYG Clubcard users will get triple Points every time they top up.

Source: Pocket Gamer
i dont think i would ever go with a supermarket as a cell phone carrier lol but i do my shopping at tesco when i am here on holiday they are good lol
Hi guys,

I took up the Tesco offer, as basically wanted a 12 month contract so I would be eligible for the next iPhone this time next year ;-)
Also they actually piggy-back straight on the o2 network, which I was already on with my iphone 3G and the network coverage has been very acceptable where I am.

Anyway Tesco were offering;

750 mins
Unlimited Texts
1GB / mth
Unlimited WiFi
£35 / mth

cost of phone £229 for the 16Gb model, however I traded in my old 3G model (not even 3GS) and got £183 from the Carphone Warehouse, making the actual cost for the iphone 4 only £46 ............ very happy !
The tesco deal sounds good but even though they advertise on tv 12 month contracts I thought with the iPhone it's longer?

I have pay as you go o2 unlimited 3G and 500 uk texts for 15 a month. But I bought the iPhone 4 sim free and the sim was free at the airport
The good thing is the 15 I don't have to pay it every month but obviously then there isno free net and texts if I miss a payment and starts when I top up 15 pounds