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T-Mobile Now Charging $149.99 for iPhone 5


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Jun 18, 2010
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You might be kicking yourself when you read this story if you delayed getting an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile, as iDownloadBlog reports today that following its early launch offers, T-Mobile has now increased the price of the initial down payment for the iPhone 5 to $149.99. When T-Mobile first sold the iPhone 5 back in April, it cost just $99 initially, plus 24 monthly payments of $20. Then, for a short time last week, T-Mobile actually slashed the initial down payment to zero, provided you had another phone to trade in at the same time. So, you should congratulate yourself if you actually managed to get an iPhone 5 for free during this very short window, as any new would-be buyers will now have to fork out $149.99. As TMoNews via iDownloadBlog points out, this latest increase means that the total cost of owning a 16GB iPhone 5 on T-Mobile has now risen to $629 from $579.[/FONT]

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