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Supposed Photos of iPhone 6s Plus Gold Rear Shell Surface


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Jun 18, 2010
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iPhone 6s Plus gold rear case.JPG

AppleInsider has posted photos of what is said to be a rear casing for a gold-coloured iPhone 6s Plus.

The component was obtained by Future Supplier, who said that it was pretty much identical to the rear shell of the iPhone 6 Plus, except for some subtle differences to screw placements. If true, this bears out other recent rumours that there would be very few changes to the next iPhone, hence the “s” upgrade.

The source, who actually got to handle the casing, said that the material definitely feels “stronger” than the current iPhone 6 Plus, which would again bear out other recent rumours that the next iPhone would be made of stronger material in response to “bendgate”

The source also says that the new iPhone 6s Plus part is not as smooth as the current iPhone 6 Plus.

AppleInsider notes that Apple is expected to launch some new colour options with the next iPhone, including rose gold or rose pink, just like the Apple Watch.

Photo credit: Future Supplier.

Source: Gold rear shell purportedly for Apple s iPhone 6s Plus said to feature stronger construction

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