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Supposed iPhone 5 Dock Connector Parts Emerge


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Jun 18, 2010
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With Apple expected to launch the next iPhone on September 12, parts photos seem to be leaking almost daily. We’ve already had battery photos today, and now 9to5 Mac reports that French Website Nowherelse.fr has posted photos that it says are the first leaked images of the new smaller dock connector from the next iPhone. MacRumors, also covering the story, says that although it looks like the photos show an 8-pin dock connector, they have heard from the experts at iFixit that the metal frame of the connector is actually a grounding pin, making it a 9-pin connector, as has recently been rumoured. This could also explain the conflicting reports as to whether or not the connector was 8-pin or 9-pin. MacRumors says that although Nowhereelse.fr did not have a particularly good track record with leaks prior to the launch of the first iPad, it has recently appeared to have obtained pictures of iPhone 5 parts from well-sourced Asian websites.

Source: Photos of purported next-generation iPhone’s smaller dock port surface | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
Alleged Photos of Apple's New Dock Connector - Mac Rumors

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