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Superhero Sight Words - Let Your Kid Learn While Playing


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Nov 25, 2013
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Download the App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/superhero-sight-words/id694736666?ls=1&mt=8

Description: Learning sight words has never been so fun and addictive using our educational app. These words are used in schools throughout Australia, known as Magic Words.

Sight words are ones that cannot be easily sounded out and need to be recognised. Give your child the best start by helping them learn to read sight words by touch, sight and sound.
The app is designed to help children learn and practice reading the most common sight words in a fun easy way. It will help your child rapidly learn to recognize and read words

We offer children an easy-to-use interface along with professionally recorded audio. Our education games will help you children acquire the skills they need to master the art of reading and give your child the ultimate learning experience.

App Price: $0.99
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