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Streaming movies to Iphone 4


Dec 6, 2010
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What would most agree with being the best app/site to stream/download free movies? I am currently using UnlimVideos which on the face of it is OK, but it constantly keeps buffering totally ruining what experience you would care to enjoy. I've ordered myself a Dock 30P to HDMI Adapter so I can connect my phone to hdtv's, so what I was hoping was to be able to use my phone as a movie library to stream movies seamlessly on my/friends or anybody's tv without the buffering experience.

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I wold purchase a subscription to Netflix if i were you. I have netflix on my phone and works beautifully over 3G and WiFi. I dont condone any type of illegal movie streaming or stream from 3rd party websites because of the exact problems ur having. I really give Netflix's iphone streaming app 2 thumbs up, it really works great.

Also a great app for free streaming would be Justin.tv. What they do isnt illegal (yet) but its basically live web cam or computer feeds from other ppls computers broadcasting live TV. I use it for watching hockey games on the go. Its a bit choppy and the quality isnt great but it works...
So Netflix offers what sort of contents, how new are the movies they offer and what is the quality of the movies like?

Justin.tv. would that allow me to watch premiership football / sky box office sports? and is that also subscription?

OK, I just check Netflix, it would appear that it's only for US residence, I live in the UK.
oh ok so scratch netflix. Justin.tv broadcast whatever the logged in users choose to broadcast. Theres no certain channel for anything, its just whatever people are choosing to send out. it requires no subscription, its completely free and i find it quite easy to watch nearly any hockey game i want on any given night. I believe there are user out there that specifically broadcast certain things (like sporting events) due to the popularity. Im sure there are some politics involved with it but in any case, you just have to download the app and see for yourself.
that to bad,its awsome.
my one account runs movies on my iphone,ps3,wii and my new roku box
best ten bucks a month ever!!!!
that to bad,its awsome.
my one account runs movies on my iphone,ps3,wii and my new roku box
best ten bucks a month ever!!!!

yea i have it going to my phone, PC and xbox360, it really is amazing for the price.
He doesn't have the option to get Netflix like he said he in the UK! try Hulu.com they even have a app in the app store it's a monthly subscription but it's well worth the $10 or $12 USD monthly fee you get movies and current TV Shows many TV series are less thAn a wk old! Good luck let me know what you thnk about Hulu.com
You can get live UK tv streamed right to your phone from iphone.tvcatchup.com. You will need to create a free account...
or you can try orb... with orb if you have movies on your pc you can stream it to your iphone... give it a try...
Here are the steps for using Air Video to stream movies on iPhone 4:

  • Install Air Video Client. Visit the AppStore from your iPhone 4 or search for Air Video in iTunes. Download either the paid version of Air Video or the free version.
  • Install Air Video Server. Navigate to the Air Video webpage to download the Air Video Server. Installing this server on your PC or Mac will enable you to stream movies on iPhone 4. Download the appropriate version for your operating system and follow the installation wizard.
  • Configure Air Video Server. Open the Air Video Server application once the installation is complete. Select "Add Disk Folder" and navigate to the folder where your movies are located. Add all folders containing movies to stream to the iPhone 4. Adding new folders can be done at any time from the Air Video Server application. Adding premade iTunes playlists is also possible.
  • Configure Air Video Client. Open the Air Video Client application on the iPhone. Click the "+" in the upper left corner of the application. Under "Computers on Local Network" select your computer name by tapping it. The computer will now show up in the Servers List on Air video.
  • Stream movies on iPhone 4. Select your computer in the Server List by tapping it. Select a movie to stream to the iPhone 4 from the list of available files on your computer. Select either "Play" or "Play with Live Conversion" depending on which option is available to stream movies on iPhone 4.
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Here is a list of live or streaming video websites you can check out: Streaming & Live TV Video Sites
usstream, etc