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Sound. No sound. Sound. No sound. Rings. No sound.


Jun 6, 2012
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Um, you get 1 guess
First, I have read a few other posts & threads - I am HOPING this is a different issue other than the dock connector pins/port:

When I take out the phone and start typing a password – the first three characters of which are numbers I hear the key clicks, then it goes silent.
So click home button, Slide to unlock, touch “.?123” key and then audible clicks as I begin typing. Then I hit “.?123” again to switch back to letters and it goes silent. I have hard reset it to no avail. Ringer works, no text tones, no sounds in game or with video nor audio/music either with or without headphones, no message alerts? Can’t even see volume indicator on screen when I push the side keys. Yes, mute is off. Any thoughts?

It’s a 4s and am trying to hold out for a 5s. I am trying also to avoid wiping the phone and restoring it – I’d rather deal with a quiet phone if I have to.

Thank you in advance for any advice/thoughts.