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soTap!!a new tap game.everysong


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Oct 10, 2010
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soTap is a High-Tech software for the music game. You can use the microphone on the machine to play the music you are listening to whether it is played by your own iphone or other machines (such as radio, CD/DVD machines, and so on). More interestly, it can service for you according to the rhythm and rhyme of the music you are listening to.

soTap can hit the drop ball with the music rhythm, just like Rock Bank, Guitar Hero and Taptap. Moreover, you and your friends can start your own game at the same time with the same song playing outside(such as radio, CD/DVD machines, and so on), which is different from other traditional music games.

If you like music, you will love the soTap! Because it can take you enjoying the musical notation in a new novel way!

To run soTap, you need iOS 4.1 OS or higher. IPHONE 3G,IPHONE 3GS and IPHONE4 can run it very much!