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Song wont sync to iphone from computer??


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Sep 25, 2012
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I have an iphone 4 and noticed a couple of weeks ago when I went to play a song, it wasn't there. So I went to sync it with itunes on my laptop but the song wasn't in that library either. So I assumed that I would need to re-download the purchase, but I couldn't find that option (is it still available?)

Anyhow, I ended up searching for the song's file on my computer and copying it into the most recent itunes library folder. (Is this not what I was supposed to do?) But then the song showed up in my itunes music library twice.

I then syned my iphone a couple of times, but the stupid song still did not appear in my library on my iphone.

I bought a new computer a couple of months ago and have been putting off transferring my library from my older computer to the new one, so I've been syncing to my old computer.

I decided to go ahead and transfer it all using Home Share and I just finished up.

Synced my iphone to the new computer and guess what...it is still not showing up on my phone.

This is the only song I've noticed a problem with...however I wouldnt be surprised if there are more.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Please advise.


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