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Snapchat Releases Big Update with Lenses, Trophies, and In-App Purchases


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Jun 15, 2010
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Today marks a bit of a bittersweet day for Snapchat users and the platform itself. Snapchat issued a new update, which added a feature called Lenses, along with a virtual trophy system, and an arguably bad way to monetize.

Let's begin with Lenses. Lenses is a cool feature that allows the user to augment selfies taken with the front-facing camera. Each lens is a different animation that will modify a users face, currently built in-house by Snapchat with plans to opening up to third-parties in the future.

“When in Selfie mode, Snapchat will detect their faces, and users can then tap and swipe to add little overlaid graphics that let them puke rainbows, turn into monsters, and more,” writes TechCrunch. Each day one lens will be added while another will be removed, so users will always have something new to work with.

Today's update also adds the Trophy Case alongside the new trophy system. The trophy system gives users achievements, such as "Send 10 Snaps with front facing flash on", and rewards users with a trophy, which unlocks new stickers for photos.

Finally starting today, Snapchat users can use in-app purchases for extra replays of Snaps. Three replays for $0.99, ten for $2.99, or twenty for $4.99. The replays can be used on any Snap, but any Snap can only be replayed once.

It's unfortunate that Snapchat chose this path to monetize its platform, but in the end the company can't rely on venture capitalists forever. Most understand that Snapchat has bills to pay, but that doesn't stop the current uproar on Twitter.


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Dec 4, 2015
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All trophies are secret until you unlock it, so you can here see what you need to make to unlock every trophie EDITED - no website links

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