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Slick Wraps Wood Skins Review


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Jan 11, 2011
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Slick Wraps wood skins for iphone 4

In the market for a iphone 4 skin? Well no matter what version of the apple iphone you have or many other devices slick wraps has you covered. This review is of the slick wraps wood line of iphone 4 skins. There are lots of companies out there that make vynil skins for your iphone 4 but slick wraps isnt your normal ebay seller. The packaging for the slick wraps is simple, a card with the slick wraps logo and which design you are receving wrapped in a tight for fitted plastic bag.

The wood kit that i am reviewing comes with the back skin along with the front skin, some other companies make the front skin two peices where slick wraps makes it one comtinoues peice which i like the look of better, As for the protection that the kit gives you, it is pretty minimal. I personally think that skins are the easiest way to personalize your phone or device.the skins will protect your phone from small drops and prevent scratches from hapenning on the glass.

The skins from slick wraps are of very high quality, they are made of 3m dinoc vynil whick is the best material i have seen for skin use on iphones. they do not leave residue behind when you peel them up and they are reusable, i have peeled mine up and reapplied atleast 6 times and it has worked pretty good. I have also dropped my phone one time from over 8 feet with a bumper on and the slick wrap skin protected the screen enough to keep from shattering, just a small hardly noticable mark on the wrap.

Overall the slick wraps wood serious is pretty nice, easy to apply and looks great. i did not experience any flash issues although the cut out is very small and if not installed perfectly you will see some washout from the flash. Most cases will work with the front and back installed if they are bumper style cases. Slick wraps always has deals running on there website so check it out from time to time for a great deal. slick wraps site

check out the link below for more detailed pictures:
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