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Slapper - save (Your) face! - reminder app


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Apr 6, 2012
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Slapper version 1.0.0

App Store:
App Store - Slapper

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App description:

Slapper is a reminder app, helps us to remember important days or events in our life, there is a lot of options, list of prepared events, event icons (which change to 'slap icon' when the event is out of date). The stand alone feature in application is google maps with places (florists, malls etc. places where you can buy gifts) near to your current location. Interface is pretty easy and funny.

App Store description:

Have you ever got a slap because you forgot call your boss or even worse, you forgot yours anniversary? Yes? So that app is for You! Slapper is a kind of reminder apps. You can add any event what you want or use ready events, write simple description and choose date, that's it! At date which you have chosen you will get a notification like SMS with sound or not, it's up to You!
Ohhh no you don't know where to buy flowers or gift for her/him? Are you in new place and don't know local shops? Don't Worry, with Slapper you can check where you can buy what you want near to your current location (radius of searching is about 5km).

Main features:

- add/delete events
- choose ready events prepared for you
- change event date
- repeat option (daily, weekly, monthly, every hour or minute)
- sorting (by Date or Title)
- every event has icon (there is 80 icons for you)
- maps with option to search places near to yout current location
- prepared maps for places: Florist's, Jewelry, Malls
- archive where old events are kicked out
- nice and simple interface


- change default icon for event
- turn on/off sound of new events
- choose type of sorting: by Date or Title
- choose period of time after which event goes to archive
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