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Skech reveals at CES 2013 slim wireless case that charges your iPhone 5


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Nov 27, 2012
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Wireless charging has really caught the attention of tech lovers because it offers an extremely flexible alternative of charging your devices on the go. That’s why Israeli company Skech, announced the release of a Powermat enabled case that is extremely slim and easy to use.

The new case Skech just put out features a design that has been shrunken down compared to the classic model of Powermat technology. The “chin” was removed and instead there was a small plug added that allows charging via the Lightning connector. More than that, users can be sure that they will never again forget home their precious chargers, because the Skech case comes with a wrist strap one can actually wear around their wrist. The Powermat wireless charging system allows users to charge their devices faster than the ordinary power adapters and chargers.

The Skech case is reminiscent of the Apple bumper, except the fabric back plates have been removed to make room for the Powermat technology. With all its qualities, the case’s design can seem a little clumsy to some users, but it’s important to note that the accessory is just a prototype so far and the company is actively working to improve it.

As we mentioned before, wireless charging has been a topic of general interest. Despite that, the technology never managed to really spread out. That’s because if a company introduces wireless charging it would have to also release additional charging pads and cases, making it impossible for the technology to become standardized. Nevertheless, recent events seem to indicate that this is about to change as many OEMs have started licensing and adopting Powermat Technology or the Qi wireless standard.

Source: AppleInsider