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Six New Games Coming from Appular This Fall, Including Terrorist Zombies


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Jun 18, 2010
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NYC-based games developer, producer and promoter Appular, which recently released its popular second title, mScribble, has today announced its Fall games lineup. Six new Appular iPhone games will be hitting the App Store this Fall, so keep your eyes peeled for the following:

  • Push Panic – An intense new puzzle game where players race to execute as many combos s they can before pieces overtake the screen.
  • Terrorist Zombies (pictured) – A stationary first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic warzone, the player must kill zombies on sight. You’re aided in your task by lots of powerups, weapons and ammunition.
  • Invaders World Tour – It’s your job to travel the world defending countries from an alien threat as they enter Earth via an intergalactic portal. I hate it when that happens. The game features retro graphics and a never-before seen twist on in-game sound effects, putting a fresh spin on classic Space Invaders.
  • Exclusion Zone – A unique twist on line-drawing games, where players fire missiles and destroy enemy air craft before they land and invade the military base.
  • Miracle Baby – Love and care for your virtual baby! More realistic than a doll. Learn how to keep the baby happy and get credit for your parenting skills.
  • Neo Defender 2 – This game is set in deep space, where you must defend your craft at all costs. As the sole defender of the last surviving craft, players must avoid defeat by blasting away illuminated geometric space enemies that multiply and disperse.
Source: Appular