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SimCity Deluxe Out Now


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Jun 18, 2010
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SimCity Deluxe has finally hit the app store, and is now available to download for iPhone/iPod touch for £3.99/$6.99. The familiar SimCity experience has been freshly updated for iPhone and iPod touch, with both dedicated and casual fans in mind. Key new features of the update, which has been iOS 4 tested, are an improved user interface with larger buttons, better flow and more accessible items. The gameplay has also been visually enhanced, with the graphics and frame rate both being improved, making the game closer in visual style to Sim City 4. Another new feature is the way in which the player can now modify terrain by touch - water, land and trees can now be "painted" in with your fingers, for example. As far as new modes and gameplay are concerned, seven scenarios and seven bustling starter cities have been added, increasing the replayability factor of the game, and there are now four distinct seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) linked to seasonal disasters. Check out the brand new screenshots and see what you think.

Source: EA