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shapewriter app


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Oct 12, 2010
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New Jersey
does anyone know where I can get this app? they took it out of the app store a while ago and I never got a chance to get it. it's the same thing as swype or slideIT...

Long press in a text field, A menu should come up to select input method, then select shapewriter.Oh sorry, I agree with maikolo.
I can't find it in cydia it's probably there buy named something else cuz I know they took it out of the app store .... hm I can't find it anywhere.
Lol u guys will love me for this
but it is still in install0us so go check it out =D
no such a great app for texting.. but for other stuff its alright.. having to import your text take too much time...
yeah that is too much work
nooooo =/
they can make shapewriter but not a swype extension for text? bleehh