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SEOggestor – Know What the Search Engines Will Suggest You!


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Jun 26, 2012
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You surely have seen the suggestion drop down box that pops up every time something is written in a search engine, but did you know that these suggestions can impact the process of search engine optimization greatly? The average user prefers everything to be as easy as possible and if one of the suggestions seems satisfactory, he/she will simply click it and won’t continue writing the query. But if the keywords, your site has been optimized for, are not among the suggestions represented to the user, he won’t see your pages in the organic search result and eventually won’t reach you.


How can the suggestions of all the search engines, or at least the most popular ones, be studied? The tough way is by browsing them all separately and the easy way is called SEOggestor. It is a great application that is here to save you a lot of efforts, time and money. SEOggestor is a perfect blend of simple and intuitive interface and extremely beneficial functionality. Just input part of the query, hit “Go” and behold the SEOggestor doing in seconds what you would have done for at least 10 minutes manually. Among the examined search engines are:








If you don’t need to receive information about all of them, the results can be customized and particular engine can be excluded.

Input a word wrongly? Don’t worry because SEOggestor has a build-in auto-spelling-correction and will bring you results, as if there was no mistake at all.

SEOggestor is really amazing. Some of the beta-testers were skeptical about the application at the beginning but only after a few minutes they were like: “Wow! Actually, it is pretty useful!”

Unlike most of the products of this type, the SEOggestor is absolutely FREE and has no limitations in the number of keywords or keyword combinations that can be checked. If you have already tried if share your opinion about the app and its functionality! If you still haven’t, then don’t wait any more and let it bring alleviation into your home. SEOggestor is now available on the Apple App Store:
App Store - SEOggestor
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