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Search YouTube Using Siri AND MORE With 'AssistantExtentions' Cydia Tweak


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Jun 15, 2010
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AssistantExtentions is a tweak meant for developers and users to further extend the use of Siri. Developers can use this an SDK of sorts to add commands and GUI snippets like YouTube search using Siri, Ebay, and almost anything else. This plug-in makes it very simple to create and add your own Siri tweaks with only a little bit of coding knowledge. On the users end, they can enjoy the built-in commands which developers have added through updates and separate packages. With this tweak currently, users can start a conversation with Siri using Chat Bot by simply saying "let's talk"(although a little buggy at the moment). Users can also use functions and toggles which were already released with other Cydia packages like opening applications or turning off WiFi, 3G, etc. just by asking Siri to do it. A new feature, which we haven't seen yet, is the ability to search YouTube via Siri. It's pretty cool and gives you several search results without leaving the Siri interface. You can find AssistantExtentions in Cydia under the Big Boss Repo for FREE.

For more info on this tweak visit: AssistantExtensions
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Mar 15, 2012
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How do I turn off the sirichat ? It was fun but I want Siri to go back to normal.

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