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Score a Promo Code for "Frank Further"


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Nov 2, 2010
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Cambridge, MA, USA
Hey forum-goers! The creators of Hot Dog Down a Hallway want you to check out the sequel to everyone's favorite hot dog launcher: Frank Further, now with four different game modes and more on the way!

Want a promo code so you can experience the unique pleasure of launching a hot dog down a hallway? Follow these simple steps:

1) Follow us on Twitter @wemakegames so we can DM you your promo code!

2) Check out the screenshots I've attached to this post to get an idea of the kinds of hallways our little frank likes to fly down.

3) Send a tweet including '@wemakegames' and tell us where you'd like to see Frank Further travel to next: the arctic, the past, underground...? There is no wrong answer! Easy copy-paste format? "@wemakegames: I'd like to see Frank Further get launched in ____________"

3a) Not on Twitter? Post the same in the comments on this thread.

4) If your creative idea is one of our five favorites you will find yourself the recipient of a shiny new promo code granting you free access to launch Frank Further to your heart's content.

Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM tonight (Thursday) EST so make sure to speak your mind before then in order to qualify for one of these pretty little promo codes.

Don't wait; save yourself $1.99 and win one of these "Frank Further" promo codes ASAP!

For more about our games, visit Metaversal Studios | Twitter | Facebook


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