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SBRotator Landscape iPhone Homescreen / Springboard


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

SBRotator is a nice trick that needs some TLC. This tweak from Cydia allows you to have a landscape orientation of your springboard. You can turn your phone all 4 orientations and it will turn with you. It is worth to currently check out and see if you want to wait for an update if this is important to you. A few bugs in this tweak, but if they can beat Apple to the punch of making a well working Rotator, they'll be in business. Thank You to the readers/viewers that suggested this.
in SBRotator settings, there is some UI called semi-rotate

and if you do that, it looks little better there are no space in it..
As its now, I would say its more less useless. If they fix both speed and icons I will get it :)
Man, i purchased this gig back when it first got released and i had my 3gs. It worked perfect towards the last few weeks of owning my 3gs. Now i have the ip4 and it sucks. If you follow the dev, he just announced he was on vaca but is immediately resuming compatibility for ios4. And in the past, hes been pretty good on kepping the updates rolling.
Man, out of nowhere i thought of installing this for my iphone4.. there now is a version for ios4x but it doesn't work with any infinity type tweaks (infinitydock, folder, board).

but so far so good
I uninstalled this app... Drains way too much battery !
i think on the ipad it is not but not on the iphone or ipod touch, apple did not add the feature for a reason ;) i bet apple iwll eventually give users the options to do it free instead of paying and then having to rely on jailbreak

saves the numbers and calls them all lol jk