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Samsung could pay Apple more than $1.05 billion


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Nov 27, 2012
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​After the famous trial, when Samsung was ordered to pay Apple $1.05 billion in damages, everybody thought that the story has finally reached an end. But Judge Lucy Koh surprised everyone when she ordered a new trial to reevaluate the real amount of money that the Korean giant should pay for patent infringement.

At the time, the new trial was interpreted by the media as a victory for Samsung, leaving room for speculation that Samsung might not pay the whole amount. Important publications frantically wrote:

"Apple had a major setback in its ongoing mobile patents battle with Samsung Electronics on Friday, as a federal judge slashed a $1.05 billion jury award by more than 40 percent" (Reuters)

"A federal judge on Friday weakened the blow from Apple's legal victory" (New York Times)

"The ruling is a setback for Apple" (Wall Street Journal)

But things are apparently not so straight forward as the media has originally painted it. As a matter of fact, everything seems to be all a big misunderstanding: Samsung might end up owing more to Apple than expected. FOSS Patent’s Florian Muller explained:

"The second damages trial over the 14 products, could result in a figure that is lower or higher than (or, theoretically but unlikely, identical to) the one reached by the jury in August."

In a later statement, Samsung lawyers agreed. The new trial could do only damage. Apparently, the disinformation occurred due to the failure of analyzing the court statement in depth. The word “stricken” is very important in the discussion, since in the official order text it is supposed to be understood as “vacated”. However, should such an important document leave room for interpretation?

Source: CNN

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