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[Rumor]Foxconn to Start 4.7-inch iPhone 6 Production in July & 5.5-inch model in Augu

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Feb 6, 2014
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The pattern for the run up to a new Apple iPhone release is always the same. First come all the rumours, faster and faster, then the leaks of case pictures, dummies, and assorted parts, then finally news that production is about to start. Never official, of course, but usually fairly accurate. Well, it looks like […]

For me, a screen size of around 4.5 would be the sweet spot.. not much larger than my old htc Evo 4G. The only reason I think the screen needs to be a bit larger than the current iPhone 5/5s/5c screen is for the keyboard - to lower the number of typo's.
4.7 would be perfect for me, I would never go for 5.5.

Agreed, 5.5 is too big for a phone.. may as well go with the iPad mini. I think a screen size of 5.5 would begin to eat into the iPad mini profits anyway.
There are a few 5.5 phones on the market now and more to come. Those that own them feel the size is perfect and they have no need to carry a phone and a tablet as so many peeps do today.

Apple sells a lot more phones than iPad Mini's and if cuts into the Mini's sales, they are still getting the revenue on the other end.