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Rogue screw! and mute switch..


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May 31, 2012
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Alright, so i got chocolate in my speaker awhile ago and short story short i opened my phone to clean it from the inside. After I was done, I replaced the two screws that connect the battery. I was going to put on the back of the phone and close up but i found a random screw that was unscrewed just above the battery to the right in a little notch. it fell out easily and i didnt know what to do with it because there didn't seem to be any obvious place to put it back, and i didn't unscrew this one. I kept the small screw and closed up the iphone. while my sound works a good 20x better then before, my mute button doesn't seem to work except on a few apps... the sound will always pour through the loud speaker no matter what position the mute button is in. i don't know whats wrong as i cant find a place to put back the screw. are there any suggestions as to exactly why the mute button doesn't work? also I would like to point out that my phone vibrates and shows the no sound symbol when i turn on and off the mute button still.

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