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[Review] POCOMARU Debuter leather case-For leather lovers


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Feb 21, 2011
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The Pocomaru DĂ©buter is a rugged individual: it does its job well and it doesnÂ’t want to share space with extraneous accessories. Toss out your wallet, wrangle those headphones and put all the necessities in one case.

The Pocomaru DĂ©buter leather case looks, feels, and even smells like luxurious leather. It is a sturdy case that inspires a potent mix of high society and ruggedness. It was designed to be, at once functional and fashionable. It comes in two color combinations: black body with a sinopia strap or mahogany body with a chocolate strap.

The security of this case is inherent in its premium leather design. The main compartment measures in at 5 1/8” x 3 3/8” and is the product of two pieces of thick, sturdy leather stitched at the perimeter. The interior compartment has been treated with a creamy white finish and where the corners might have settled naturally at the top, instead they have been clipped down another half inch so that you will be sure to have room to reach in and pull your phone out from the compartment when you want it.


The back compartment, meant to hold credit and debit cards, bus passes, driver’s licenses or health insurance cards measures 3 9/16” x 2 1/2”. At the center bottom, a window is cut to easily identify the top card and well as giving you the option to push the cards out of the compartment when you need them.

The strap is two-ply leather measuring 6 3/8” and connects to a stud clasp through a hole in the front.

Added Functionality
The primary function of the DĂ©buter case is, of course, to give your iPhone 4/4S a safe place to stay when itÂ’s not in use. The premium leather protects your device from all manner of scratches and chips. Of course, the back compartment is made for your ID, credit and debit cards, or gym membership cards. So by using this case, you might actually save space in your pocket or purse by not having to carry a wallet. Keeping with the theme of the orderly pocket, you can easily wrap headphone or earbud cords around the top of the case and then secure them with the strap.

The DĂ©buter has enough slack to wrap your earbuds and keep them from tangling

Availability and pricing
Priced at $49.99, this case is available exclusively at pocomaru.com.

Final Words
The DĂ©buter is a creature of style and simplicity. It helps you make sense of your pocket or purse while it keeps your personal affects safe and in place.

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