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Retro Gaming Classic Alien Breed Comes to iOS


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Jun 18, 2010
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Team 17 has made a lot of retro gamers very happy today by announcing that it is bringing its Amiga classic, Alien Breed, to iOS in August. This new version of the game will enable both old and new fans to experience the original survival-horror game, with a choice of either old-school Amiga graphics or the new Retina display imagery. Gameplay will be as challenging as the original version, while also offering players a lifeline with an in-game store from which you can buy extra ammo, keys and weapons.

Alien Breed iOS will feature three different sets of maps: original 1991 Alien Breed, Alien Breed Special Edition, and the all-new Alien Breed Convergence. Aside from featuring touch-screen controls, Alien Breed will also support the Ion iCade and Gametel Controller. Smart move there from Team 17 to give this game support for such peripherals right out of the box, as fans of the Amiga version will love getting the chance to play it retro-style as well as touch-screen style.

Source: Team 17

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