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RED, WHITE, & BLUE iPhone 4! iFixDirect Color DNA Giveaway


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

iFixDirect is celebrating the release of the their new iPhone 4 colors! RED AND BLUE! Have you ever seen a red or blue iPhone 4 before?

Well, if you wanted to get your hands on a color swap but haven't got around to it yet, here is your chance to get one FREE!

From iFixDirect:

With the release of our two colors closing in to nearly 14 days, we are going to kick off the launch with a contest that can help you save some cash and win a $200 credit towards your next colorswap. Tipb is hosting a contest as well on their end for a free red or blue colorswap provided by our tech team so you can enter their as well.

For our sweepstakes, we will be giving out $50 credit to 10 lucky customers who choose the next color! You will need to submit your response to colordna@ifixdirect.com with a strong description on why you think this color should be next and how it defines you. Once you have submitted your response, you need to follow us on twitter, like us on facebook, and digg our submission for the red and blue colorswap. Its that simple! But wait there is more...

The person who becomes our 2000 follower on twitter, fan on facebook, or the person who diggs 2000 on our submission will also get an additional bonus of $200 towards their purchase! This means you can get your white colorswap for free or get your blue or red for only $25!

On top of all of this, all people who are entering the sweepstakes will be getting a free screen protector and cloth included as well in their package.

Facebook: Ifixdirect | Facebook
Twitter: Twitter


iFixDirect - Color DNA - Blue iPhone 4 - Conversion Kit - Service - Digg (BLUE)

iFixDirect - Color DNA - Red iPhone 4 - Conversion Kit - Service - Digg (RED)

Contest Page:
iPhone Repair - iPhone 4 White Conversion - iPhone Screen Replacement - - iFixDirect
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