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Re iPhone Music crash


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Nov 17, 2011
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I need help i have iPhone 3Gs and since i have Updated to the new 5.0 software the Music Player is Not running properly
Problem is it plays OK music wise displays the covers when in upright position etc it's when you turn it on its side to view all your album covers it start
to judder and you cant scroll left to right as its just jittery it then crashes and closes the music program down I thought that since there
was some reported problems with the new version i would wait till the update came out it has so im now running 5.01.
The problem still exists have tried to remove all Music placed 1 album with 100 songs on phone and all runs well music plays
etc turn on side you can scroll left to right I then put another albums in with 40 song again no problem Then another 2 albums
with 30 songs and it starts to get sluggish another 13 songs more and so on till i get over 500 songs it just crashes
Any Advice on what going on
As i said this has only happened since update to 5.0