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Radioshack offers Christmas discounts for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S


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May 27, 2010
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More Christmas jolly good news for you Apple addicts. RadioShack seems to be now offering a pretty big discount of very popular iPhone 4 and newcomer iPhone 4S. MacRumours just reported that RadioShack announced a $30 price cut for AT&T iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. So now if you want to buy your loved one an Apple gift you’ll find yourself paying $69.99/$169.99/$269.99/$369.99 after the discount has been applied. The possibility to buy the smartphone as such a price will be available until the 17th of December. But that’s not all. RadioShack also hinted that costumers might be able to find even more accessible prices if they decided to buy refurbished models, provided they checked the availability with the sales associate about them first.

As one would expect, the price is based on a 2-year contract, on top of which we add the standard activation fee and the early-termination fee (if you think moving your business to some other carrier might be a good move). You also get the extra AppleCare+ package. And that’s not all. RadioShack is also offering trade-in credits for older models of the iPhone. And they can be as high as $200, thus enabling users to gain quicker access to a brand new shiny iPhone 4 or 4S. If we add the $30 discount and $200 credit, a costumer could get a brand new iPhone 4S for only $39.99.

So, if you’re planning on buying an iPhone, this might be the perfect moment to do so, especially since there isn’t much time left until the 17th of December. So hurry up and happy buying!

Source: bgr.com

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