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Radioshack and Bestbuy Iphone 4 no go!


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Jul 14, 2010
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I use to work for radioshack about 3 months ago. And I quit because of hours and the constant standing on my feet for 8hours plus!
What I want to say is this.
Radioshack and BestBuy took trade-ins on iphones and other devices for credit towards purchasing the iphone 4. They knew that they were'nt going to get any iphone 4's on release june 25th! I gave up my 32gb 3gs for nothing. It's looking like anyone who reserved at either retail store will get an iphone 4 until the end of july or begining of august!!! And if you want a white one. Give it up! You will have to settle for the black.

And with the reception issues. I'm thinking about using my gift card on another 3gs so i'm not paying a $135 phone bill for two months for nothing!!!!!!!
if you got a giftcard then use it at another bestbuy location that are taking reservations and are delivering w/in a wk or 2.
I got mine from bestbuy. No line and issues there.