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Puzzled by iOs 5 volume


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Mar 11, 2012
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I'm puzzled by the volume controls on an ioS 5 iPhone 4S. There seem to be multiple volume settings in practice, but I see no way to specifically set them. Online I've seen references to a ringer volume and a system volume, but don't know exactly what those control.

Ringer is obviously the phone ringer. But does it control text and e-mail alerts? What about the alarm ringer?

Is system volume for media?

Things I'm confused about:

When I press the up/down button and get the dialog at times it says 'ringer' and other times it doesn't.

Which volume does the Settings slider control? What about the volume slider reached by double clicking home and swiping right twice?

When I've got headphones plugged in and am listening to media, when a text or e-mail comes in, I hear the media volume go down slightly for a second. I assume the phone is trying to play an alert sound, but I never hear it. How do I turn that up?

Is there a volume for dummys who ask detailed questions manual out there somewhere?

The volume buttons are done in "context". If you are on a phone call, it is adjust the speaker volume for the call. If the phone is doing nothing, it adjusts the ringer volume. If you are playing a game it adjust the sound effect volume. If you are watching a video it adjust the sound effect volume.

It takes some practice to learn what volume you are adjusting when the phone is in a certain mode.