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Prototype Nano-Tech Charger Can Fully Recharge Your Cell Battery in Under a Minute

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Feb 6, 2014
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Although it sounds like something out of Shadowrun*novel, there is some new tech on the horizon which could make our worries about smart-device battery drain a thing of the past. An Israeli company named StoreDot just showed off a high-tech new prototype battery charger at Microsoft’s Think Next event. This new battery charger utilizes Nanodots […]

The more I think about this, the more I think it's either a scam or was an April Fool's joke. Too many things that don't add up.
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It would be sad if it's a scam. Cause if you can charge that fast ... I should think that the need for/worry over larger, longer-lasting batteries is now a bit less.

That video was fascinating to watch. I hope it is true and that we DO see it in 2015. If so, I know I'm in line for one. :)

Just think of the possibilities - and not just with charging smart phones...! Wow is right.

If it does work, the battery would probably have to be compatible or susceptible to it, otherwise, I can see it being a detriment to the battery from overloading it with charge this quickly possibly. But if it pans out, this would be the end of external battery cases and possibly battery banks.
It would probably save on energy costs too compared to today's chargers so eventually offset the price laid out to buy one.
Would take to many amps would blow that battery up

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