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[Promo Code] Mom's Garden - Handmade Story


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Jun 26, 2011
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Have you ever trying to make something for your children?
There're many things in the world that you can make for them.

One of them is picture story book.
How can I make my own story book with picture?

This is iPhone App that can make picture story book for yourself.
(Currently, only iPhone version is available.)

The app's name is "Mom's Garden - Handmade Story"
app Store : itunes.apple.com/us/app/moms-garden-handmade-story/id442160730?mt=8&ls=1
(Search Mom's Garden, Handmade Story or Momsgarden in AppStore)

The reason why I make this app is that I want to present my son with my own story.
With same intention, this app can share the user made story for the good of all parents in the world.
(Currently, you can share the story by email feature in the app.)

Making story is very simple. Just go through tutorial and you are done.
Please take a look at the example picture below.

Currently, there are not many backgrounds and characters, but I will add more by updating.
Also in this version, you can use photos from your album for backgrounds.

If you want to try this app, followings are free redeem codes.
I hope you to enjoy this app, and your appstore review will be much appreciated.

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Make your own unique story to impress your children!
Thank you.