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Problems occur when holding the phone to my ear


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Sep 15, 2010
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Reno, NV
When I am on a call and holding the phone to my ear, my ear touches things on the screen. First I muted myself and the caller on the other end kept saying he couldn't hear me. Later that day, I realized my ear touches the mute key. So I make sure I am out of that screen and then my ear touches numbers on the number pad so I go to the main screen and my ear makes all the little icons wiggle; then I go to the phone search page and my ear some how clicks a d and I have now searched my phone for every d in it. I have tried to lock the screen when on the phone, but it seems that only works if I am on the speaker phone; otherwise it hangs up. I don't think I have big ears :confused: . There must be some option I can use so this does not happen. People do not seem to be able to hear me when I am on the speaker phone and they don't particularly like my blue tooth (though I use that in the car anyway).
iv got the exact same issue dude, the most embarrasing moment was when i was in a crowded quite area and my phone turned on speakerphone, and everyone turned and glared at me.

From what i understand its an issue with the proximity sensor and apparently its ment to be fixed in the new 4.1 update, but i wont be able to find out untill thats jailbroken. from what iv read on the issue though the 4.1 update hasent done much for others with the problem. Iv found that if i hodl the phone really close to my ear, and make sure the prox sensor is coverd(its above the phone speaker) then it usually dosent turn random things on.
I have 4.1 update so it definitely did not fix this problem. What is jailbroken???
I have noticed that it does eventually lock itself after probably a minute so long as I don't touch anything. It should lock immediately.
I bought the Otterbox case, the heavy duty one, and I have not had the problem since.