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Problem importing contacts from a .csv file.


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Aug 1, 2012
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Recently a friend of mine upgraded to iOS5. Before doing so he used a 3rd pary app to backup his contacts to a .csv file. During the upgrade to iOS5 it wiped all his contacts. We are looking for a method of importing the .csv file back into the iPhone.

After looking online it appers that the app used to backup doesn't allow a restore using the .csv file. We looked at importing the .csv file into Outlook Express but during matching the fields up it was clear that Outlook Express didn't have enough fields e.g. Work Email & Business E-mail etc.

I then found that it would be best to convert the .csv file into mulipltle .vcf files and import them that way, but have been unable to get that to work.

So simply my questions is....

How to import contacts from .csv file into the iPhone. Note there are 1400 contacts with most fields completed on all contacts.

Many thanks in advance.