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Possibly new to iPhone, might be coming over from Blackberry


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Apr 16, 2012
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Hey guys,

So I’m new to the iPhone. That's not to say it’s foreign to me; my immediate family uses it as well as 90% of my friends. My NE2 is coming up for Verizon and I’m thinking about ditching my Blackberry Bold 9560.

Why am I thinking of leaving RIM? After using my families and girlfriends iPhone, I still believe that email on BB is more powerful than the iPhone counterpart but its getting to a point where I’m getting tired of asking for my friends’ phone when I want to search something on the net. My biggest complaint about the iPhone was lack of push email for Gmail but I can remedy that by registering it as an exchange account. If RIM is ever able to make great strides in their platform then I may be back but our future together for the time being seems bleak with great options on the market, like the 4S.

Why did I join the forum? Research really, but there's always the benefit of being part of a helpful community. There are still some things I want to find clear answers for, like what's the best app to hide private photos/videos while keeping original quality (KYMS?, and a thank you to my GF), what insurance is the best (clearly not Verizon's with a $199 deductible) and the best and most cost effective way to view/edit Microsoft office documents (Documents to go?). On top of that, I’m big into shortcuts so I hope to learn a good amount of them before my purchase so that my transition to the iPhone will be easier.

A little about me...NY resident, 29 years old, work in finance (which I hate) and finishing up my MBA (hopefully by next summer).

If anyone can help with the above questions I have, it’s appreciated. If not, I’ll be seeing you guys around the board.
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