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Possible iPhone4 Jailbreak coming soon........


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Jun 25, 2010
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Just seen this over at modmyi.com

Our good friends, MuscleNerd and planetbeing, have announced that Comex's Spirit userland jailbreak has been ported to work on iOS 4 and even the iPhone 4!

Before you go asking like crazy, I'll tell you now... There is still no release date, but rather, just great news that our next Jailbreak tool is right around the corner. The image below that you see is high-resolution, at the native iPhone 4 resolution, just a bit of extra proof that it's working.


Stay tuned folks, our next Jailbreak tool will arrive shortly.

NOTE: This is not the bootrom exploit, but rather another userland jailbreak, which means Apple could patch it in the next update, so make sure you back up your blobs once your jailbroken.

Hopefully we won't have to wait to much longer
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already they put cydia on there?lol.. i know they will jailbreak it eventually sooner or later