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Feb 8, 2012
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I Have An Iphone 3gs It was Jaibrooken 4.3.3 With Ipad Basband- So I Decide To Update It To 5ios For Cooler stuff so i firs tried to get it back to normal with restore on itunes i pompt error ok i downloaded tinyumbrella i started the operation again so it was installing and then an other error Pompt Off So I tried to install higher frimeware it doesnt work and my pohne with all this doing is now stuck and i cant turn it on,my computer detect it and itunes detect it i so i tried all ways using ireb irecovery43 Custom Frimware (It Went All It Installled But My Phone Wont Boot) So Now I Have The Phone And Just The Itunes Detect It I Tried All That Stuped Combinations With the holding home button and etc.. my fingers fall off with pressing CAN ANYONE c Here cAN pLEASE plEASE please PLEASE PLEASE help me THNAK yOU I I Like Very Much To Fix It(When Installing CFW My Pone Appear The Bar On The Phone Went Succesfully and when the phone need it to restart it just stops in recovery (Black Screen)
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