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Please help, iPhone restoring forever


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Jun 16, 2016
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i hope someone can help me. I am new to iPhone and don't really know to much about it. I have purchased a used iPhone 6 128GB. I have connected it to a PC and itunes wanted to update it. I agreed to update and restore.

This has started a few hours ago and the iPhone is still stuck on the growing white line with apple logo. How long does this normally take?

The phone is not iCloud locked and itunes went through all the steps during the upgrade, it even "sees" the phone showing all the specs such as IMEI, storage and so on but the phone itself is stuck on about a quarter of the line and hasn't moved in hours.

Any help greatly aprpeciated
Welcome to iPhone Forums, 290373m!

If your computer or internet connection is slow, iTunes could need a few hours for updating your device. I had a Windows laptop which needed fours hours when I used it last time.

Usually, if everything works without problems, an update needs from a few minutes up to an hour.

If the progress bar isn't moving at all, make sure your internet connection works well. If it does, force your iPhone to restart. This is done by pressing and holding Home and Power button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo. As soon as the logo appears, let go of both. Your device should power up on it's own.

Then try restoring/updating it once more.

Hope that helps.
My internet is fine, just did a speedtest and available download is over 90mbit/s

Unplugged it and did the reset. The line went from left to right to the end but now there is just the apple logo.
This phone hates me