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Please help!! iphone 3gs has black screen whilst on call


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Jul 12, 2011
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Please does anyone know if/how to solve this problem. i have an unjailbroke iphone 3gs with fw 4.3.3 and recently i have noticed that when i come to end a call the screen is black, so i have to press the top button to end the call.

At first when i ring someone and you cover the sensor up at the top the screen goes black then back on as soon as you move your hand, as if you hold the phone to ear. but after maybe about 10-15 seconds of the call and you bring it back from your ear the screen will not light up. i have tried to disable the motion sensor to see if it was that but no joy.

sad thing is my warranty ended in April.. Arghhhh sods law..

everything else about the phone seems to be normal, but when your in a call where you need to press keys then i its no good..

i have been reading that people have tried turning phone off and even restoring it but this does not solve it.

has anyone suffered from this..
It has to be looked at by a professional. It must be a proximity issue.