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Playlist reset issue


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Jan 8, 2013
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I have an issue with my phone and would like to know if anyone else is having this issue. I have searched the Internet and have not found anything so thought I would ask here.

I have an iPhone 4s and a Kenwood KDC-X993. This issue isn't specific to the 4s since my 3Gs (with iOS 4) would do the same thing. This has been a random issue until today. I think I did have this issue when I first received my 4s, but it stopped doing it and I don't remember what I did, if anything to fix it. The playlist would still reset randomly though so this was never really fixed, just stopped doing it every time.

I use the dock connector and Bluetooth to connect the phone to my stereo since it support both at the same time. Bluetooth is intended for phone calls and is supported for audio, but it doesn't sound as good as the dock connector. I'm very happy that in iOS 6 they changed the behavior so that when I connect my phone, it doesn't switch to Bluetooth if the dock connector is connected. Earlier versions would switch the audio to Bluetooth as soon as it connected forcing me to wait until the Bluetooth connected before I connected the dock connector.

Now for the issue. Randomly, my phone will forget what playlist is being used and reset to the default of all songs. This is noticeable to me since I don't normally listen to the first song this list will play and it will always play the same song first until I change what songs are on my phone, then the song is plays is different, but will now always play that song. Anyone else have this issue? Anyone have any ideas on how I can prevent this?

I was playing with this tonight and every time I disconnected my phone and reconnected it, it would reset. I am a field tech for a local PC support shop so I'm in and out of my car a lot during the day. This is getting very frustrating. I tried shutting down every app on the phone and restarting it. Tried playing the playlist I want, then connecting the dock connector while it was playing. Every time I plugged in the dock connector it played the same first song it always plays when the playlist is reset. I'm thinking it is the deck, but not sure if replacing the deck would fix the issue. My wife has the same phone and deck and is having the same issue on a random basis. I've also used Pandora with the same results, and yes, when Pandora would reset, it would switch to the music app and play the same song first.

Also for what it's worth, I have iTunes match and haven't sync'd my phone to iTunes for almost a year now so iTunes has nothing to do with this issue.

Anyone else having this issue? Ideas on how I can prevent this? I could just keep the songs of a single playlist on my phone, but what's the point of the playlist then?

I've also noticed that anytime I use Siri or pause a song, my playlist will reset.

Thank you!

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