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Playlist not syncing to iPhone 4S


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Jun 9, 2012
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I'm running a Windows 7 laptop, latest version of iTunes on my C: drive, all my music on my external F: drive. I've got an iPhone 4S.

All my music works in iTunes off the external drive. I then made a playlist of various songs. I drag my playlist to my iPhone, and iTunes stalls like crazy. I don't think it's moved a single track over. After stalling for ages, it comes back with exclamation marks by songs in the Music thing under my iPhone, moves on to the next track, stalls like crazy some more.

What gives? I just wanted to make a playlist and go running with my new GPS running app, and I've been messing with this for hours. I'm about to give up and go running with my stupid $30 MP3 player I've used for years. This is so frustrating.


Edit: If I drag an album over to my iPhone, it does the same thing and won't copy that over either. It just stalls on every single song.

Edit edit: If I do this over wi-fi instead of using a USB cable, it works! I don't know why it would work over wi-fi if not by cable. So far it's working. Fingers crossed.
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