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Photowerks: The Ultimate Photo Companion to the iPhone and iPad Camera Roll


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May 10, 2013
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Because you are using your iPhone more than any other camera, Photowerks has introduced a companion app that automatically catalogues and organizes your mobile photos like never before.
From the magical milestones to the utterly mundane, you can now quickly and easily find every mobile photo you have ever taken, downloaded or saved on your phone by either date or location. Photowerks seamlessly integrates with your existing camera roll and then groups and displays your photos by when or where you snapped them. No more scrolling or guessing to find that exact photo, or worse, ignoring your camera roll altogether because of the overwhelming number of photos in it.

You've captured these moments. Photowerks helps you easily find them.

• Integrates seamlessly with existing iPhone and iPad photo apps and camera roll. No importing, no uploading.
• Serves as a photo timeline and diary of your life. Your daily life in pictures, displayed in multiple view formats.
• Takes the guesswork and scroll-time out of finding a specific photo.
• Makes creating time- and/ or location-oriented mobile photo albums a snap.
• Lets you easily share, post and tweet your photos -- includes the added bonus of automatic date and location captions on every photo.

• Automatically catalogues photos by date, city, state, country, camera make, or camera model.*
• Automatically tags date and location caption on every photo.*
• Photos are displayed in both grid or list views.
• Tap photo to view date taken and location (city, state, or country)
• Sharing capability to email, Facebook, Twitter (with photo captions listing photo date and location)
• Create new albums in the Apple Photos app.
• View photo details with standard pinch-to-zoom gestures and swipe to view previous/next photo.

*Location stamp only works iLocation Services were is turned on for your device camera when you took the photo.

iTunes App Store Link:


Price is US$.99.

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