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Photos do not synchronize between iPhone and laptop using iCloud


Oct 29, 2014
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I have iCloud set to automatically download my photo stream to my laptop. About 10% or 20% of the time, the photos automatically download as long as both the iPhone and laptop are connected to the Internet. The rest of the time, the photos do not download, even when both the iPhone and laptop are connected to the Internet (the iPhone always has Internet; the laptop usually has Internet). I cannot identify any type of pattern as to why the photos sometimes but do not always download. Any guidance on this would be appreciated.
I probably can't help with this one because I don't use Photostream. However, I just turned it on to see if I could figure out what might be happening. First thing that came up was a dialog box telling me that my photo library exceeds my available storage,,,so, since it's the only help I can offer, are you sure you have enough iCloud storage to accommodate the photographs?
It depends on the number of photos that have to be synced, their size, and the internet connection, at least that's my experience. My internet connection is very slow, from time to time. Sometimes it looks like nothing's syncing at all. When I take just a few pictures with an iPhone, they sync almost immediately. Photos taken with my DSLR need longer to get to another device. If there are quite a few images, they need a whole night, or longer, to finish syncing.
I just deleted a whole bunch of photos and videos. I have 3 GB of 5 GB available, yet still my photos are not synchronizing.

I have 620 MB of photos in my Photostream and very fast internet, but nothing is downloading.
I have the same problem and despite visiting and Googling various sites I am surprised that no one responds to what should be a simple fix for this issue.
My phones don't sync my photo stream unless the one I've taken the pictures on is on wifi. Not sure if that's normal, but it's how my phones and iPad have always been