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Phone Gets Very Hot


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Jan 26, 2011
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I have used my iPhone 5 for over 5 months with no problem. Recently, the phone sometimes gets very hot in its case while off. When I pick it up, not only is it hot, but the battery meter has drained down to a low level such as 15%. I notice that when the phone is hot, if I re-boot by shutting it down, it returns to normal. It cools-down and can be charged. This problem is intermittent but I am afraid the phone might catch on fire or even explode. Any advice? If I bring it for repairs, it will probably register normal. If the battery is defective, as it doesn't seem to hold a charge long, I will lose all data although I've done a back-up and a synch on my PC.

Skull One

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Apr 27, 2011
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You can't lose data, even if the battery fails completely. It is simply impossible.

Since your phone is under warranty, you should take it in and have them check it out. Do it when it is hot.

Oh and a side note, just in case. If you are jailbroken, don't bother taking it in until you have installed the latest iOS which will remove the jailbreak.

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