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Pengi, a new iPhone game offers over 100,000 unique puzzles of penguin sliding fun


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Jan 13, 2011
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Cambridge, MA (January 13, 2011) --- AVAR Software LLC, today announced the release of a vibrant and original puzzle game, after more than 6 months of development. The goal of Pengi is simple; slide the penguins in any direction along the ice, aiming for each one to end up on the spot that matches its own color, all in a limited amount of moves. Pengi is available for download on the App Store.

Pengi is as enchanting as it is thought-provoking. Snow gently falls onto the board as the playful penguins glide across the ice, navigating their way through glacial blocks. Together with lively animations and smooth gameplay, Pengi is a thrilling and delightful game for adults and children alike.

Alex Rastorgouev, chief developer and founder of AVAR Software, commented:
'When we began to develop Pengi, we didn't expect that such a simple idea would produce such a vast and intriguing array of puzzles. We're really excited to see how far we can take it'.

Pengi's Features include:
• Over 100,000 distinct puzzles, starting from easy and getting tougher as the game progresses
• Unlock new and more difficult levels by solving previous ones
• Each puzzle consists of a single possible solution
• 3 Game Modes, Normal, Expert and Free-Play
• Hints available whenever stuck on a particular puzzle
• Statistics to track and view progress in either game mode
• In-game tutorial
• No two puzzles are ever the same

Alex Rastorgouev stated:
"There is a shortage of high quality puzzle apps that truly stimulate the mind on the App Store, and we are really thrilled to fill that gap. Using logic similar to that of Chess, Pengi will intrigue and captivate logic lovers".

About AVAR Software LLC
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Pengi is available from the App Store!

To view a video of Pengi in action search 'Pengi Game' on YouTube!