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Parent Baby milestone recorder app for iPhone


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Dec 31, 2011
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Parent Baby milestone recorder!
One baby , one moment.
Parent's can easily record baby's first sounds and actions like the first laugh or the first steps. Register baby's date of birth and automatically the software will calculate the exact baby's age when the specific milestone was recorded. Multiple files can be recorded for more than one baby. The recordings (video or sound only) can be uploaded in order to be shared with friends and family in Facebook, Twitter or to be send by e-mail.
Legal responsibility lies with parents
when recordings are shared with others.

Their achievements need to be kept for ever!

There is only one opportunity to record these unique milestones.

Record these precious moments in your mobile easily which the touch of only two buttons.
Push the record button and you can capture instant videos or adding videos from the library
Download on one click url:- http://itunes.appl e.com/us/app/baby-bloom-lite/id486337822?mt=8


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