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Paint My Cat - The Magical Colouring Book That Comes To Life

Alex Ferrier

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Dec 4, 2012
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As a parent of two young children, who desperately wants to see the iPhone/iPad used to make traditional family activities cooler, not just replaced with an app version, I'm proud to present "Paint My Cat".

"Paint My Cat" is the coloring book you wish you had as a kid, and your kids now will love! Here's a video to convince you it's cool:

Ever wished you could bring your coloring pictures to life? Now you can - with Paint My Cat, the first ever app of its kind!

Use the in-app painting tools to color your cat and his playthings and then bring him magically to life.

Or, use markers, crayons or pencils to color our special printed pages, use the iPad to capture your work of art, and then play with it in a 3D augmented reality world.

Available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:

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