not all power adapters and/or lightning cable work 100% why?

Discussion in 'iPhone 5' started by haramo, Jun 26, 2015.

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    I have a iphone 5 , it's about the power adapter and cable from non Apple brand.

    For my short questions, see last text below. if question not understand, please read the detail.

    Not all charges work and synchronize as they should.

    I mean with “all charges” =

    Apple original will work, but others work or do not work at all, and if they worked, they suddenly stop working correctly. or even worse, they work on one laptop but not correctly on another.

    Support for the laptop says it’s because it’s not an original Apple cable and/or charger.

    So my question is after searching some info about this:

    In apple store to buy:

    Lightning to USB Cable (2 m)

    Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

    Apple 5W USB Power Adapter

    Lightning to Micro USB Adapter

    These above are all from Apple.

    Belkin Lightning to USB Charge/Sync Cable (3 m/9.8 ft.)

    This is one of the non Apple charge/sync Cable offered in the Apple store. There are others non apple brnads that are sold by Apple.

    I assume the following: all cables should work , if it’s from Apple or another brand, doesn’t matter. Even if Apple store do not sell them.

    Why all cables should work?

    If I use the lightning to Micor USB adapter on a samsung car charger, iphone charges perfect without connecting disconnecting.

    If I use a non Apple brand charge/sync cable of 3 meter, it works perfect on my iphone for both charge and sync functions.

    So I bought more of this cable : one for at my work, one at home (3 meter is better then that 1 m short cable), and one for in my office at home.

    My conclusion:

    Yet only one works 100%, the others not.

    I even bought from the same brand 1 m cable , same problem.

    What is the problem: it keeps connecton disconnecting if connected to laptop or to charger.

    What is now the real reason why these cables that has another brand don’t work as they should?

    It’s stupid that a supplier sell these cables and power adapters if they don’t do their jobs.

    Even one supplier told me:

    It ’s possible that cables don’t work because some kind of protec system Apple is putting in their iOS.

    So I told him= so I buy a cable, it works for a while, and after an update it may or may not work? Yes they confirmed.

    Why then offers these cables??

    If I tell the supplier: so actually every period the cables you (supplier) offer are a new productline, because if Ios change, new cable has to change too?

    I still own an answer … .


    So: is it true that power adapter and cable both, correct functionality is influent by Apple’s security/protection firmware or on iOs or a chip in the cable and chip in power adapter?

    Why does the non Apple brand Apple store offer will do the job? Do they have rights of Apple?

    And why does a auto charger of samsung work with the Lightning to Micro USB Adapter?

    And why does some non Apple brand or non Apple store brand work, even after updating iOS?
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    Non approved third party cables may or may not work and if they do work, they can stop working at any time. This is deliberate on the part of Apple to inhibit the use of non-approved and counterfeit cables and chargers. Any officially approved third party chargers and cables should work without incident. Apple uses an authentication chip in genuine cables and authorized third party cables also contain this chip. There have been numerous attempts to hack this chip with varying degrees of success. This explains the problems you've been having when using third party cables that are not officially approved.

    It's also never a good idea to use non approved third party chargers as they tend not to be of very high quality and have been known to damage the devices they're connected to. There's also been several incidents of fatal electrocution when using counterfeit chargers and cables.

    My advice is to always buy only genuine Apple cables and chargers or those from third party manufacturers who are officially approved by Apple.
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    After all you've paid top dollar for a quality device, why risk damaging it with cheap cords and chargers?


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    Totally agree, That's always been my take too.
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