No notification when there is a new voicemail (Tracfone BYOP plan)

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    Ever since I purchased my iPhone 6 Plus, I used T-Mobile as my service provider. Whenever I had a new voice message, the phone icon on my home screen would light up with a number to indicate how many voice messages I had. In addition, when opening the phone app, the Voicemail tab would also light up with the same number.

    Recently, I switched to Tracfone to save some money. It seems as though ever since I switched, my phone no longer shows a notification when I have a new voice message. It does show a notification if I missed a call (assuming my phone was on when the call came in), but that's it.

    It seemed strange that I haven't had any voicemails recently, so I called my voicemail box last night and I had 20+ new voice messages that I was not aware of.

    I've spoken to Tracfone 4 times today, each time they told me that they have "made an update" on their end which should resolve the issue and to wait an hour for it to take affect. And each time, the issue has not been resolved. The only other thing they recommended is that I need to manually dial my voicemail box each time I want to find out whether or not I have a new message (which is ridiculous).

    I've searched Google to try to find a resolution, and I've done everything that other people have recommended (turn phone off/on, reset network settings, turn airplane mode on/off, take out sim card and put it back in, update system software) and nothing has worked.

    I found a YouTube video (linked below) that indicates it is possible to have voicemail notifications on an iPhone 6 when using Tracfone BYOP plan, so I don't think I'm completely out of luck.

    I could really use some help on getting this issue resolved. Can anyone help me please?
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    I don't know anything about your provider, but someone should

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